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Dear Beth,

Thank you so very much for your oversight of the decorating plan.  The room was the exact pink vision that we had embedded in our dreams.  It was a glorious celebration.  Thank you for your expertise. 


Connie D., mother of the bride 
















Dear Beth,

Just want to thank you for all your help and for being there for Susan.  She had a beautiful wedding and largely because of all your hard work.  So many guests commented on how elegant everything was. 

Hugs and Prayers

Doris S. , mother of the bride












I am a more than happy customer of Beth Harper and her event planning. I met Beth in 2012 when we decided she would plan my wedding. My wedding was June 1, 2013 and it was the most painless process ever. No stress, and as her company name states, it really is "All in the Details". So much attention is paid to details, she thinks of anything and everything to really grasp your theme and the image you wish to portray on that day. From the invitations, to the table decor, to the food and overall flow of the night, Beth has a real handle on it. I can't ever thank Beth enough for making my day extraordinary and magical. I had to write a small note to say I hope you know how much I appreciate you.  You are a wonderful person.  Without you I wouldn’t have been the princess that I was.  You have bent over backwards to help me and I couldn’t ever thank you enough.  You’re one of my favorite people!

Xoxo Mike & Julie K.








My daughter and I had attended a Bridal Show in the fall of 2012. With all of the many vendors there, we had become overwhelmed and were ready to leave when we ran into Beth Harper who was then then the owner of Athena’s Bridal. Though she had a table full of interested customers, she seamlessly addressed questions from all of us. She made my daughter feel as though all attention was on her and offered her business card and an opportunity for consultation. When we went to the shop we were excited to look at dresses and my daughter, Blake was ‘over the top’ trying on all of the gorgeous gowns in the shop. Beth talked to Blake about her ideas, colors, location and her dreams and she began to help Blake envision those wedding day dreams come true.


It was December of 2012 that my son asked his then fiancé’ Kourtney to marry him! There was great excitement in our family because Justin had recently asked my daughter, Blake for her hand in marriage. Now, there were two weddings to plan and one set of parents to help the kids in making that happen. I asked my two children, Delvin and Blake who were always very close, what they thought of a double wedding. The two of them did not bat an eye and shared that they would ask their fiancé’s their thoughts on a double wedding. Once they had received the blessing from their fiancé’s, we had to decide what, when, where and how to get things organized. This became a far greater task than what I was prepared for.


I knew that I would need some professional help so, I went right back to Beth and ask her if she would be interested in the enormous undertaking. She was all for it! Beth began working with the girls to find out what each of them wanted and tried to incorporate everything into our small budget. She was frank, firm, fair and most of all fun! We laughed about things that could or didn’t go our way and we cried together as we remembered loved ones that we wanted to honor on the kids special day.


There were over 30 people in the wedding party and over 500 invitations were sent out. The girls wanted to make sure that the reception was convenient for children and Beth provided us with ideas on how to accommodate little ones. We grew frustrated that family and friends were not R.S.V.P.’ing in a timely manner and Beth told us what to expect with regard to people attending so that we would have a sufficient amount of flowers, food and favors regardless of their RSVP! She was right! We had over 420 people to attend and everything was flawless… Beth made sure that my kids were happy and all of the guests were very content as well. The locations for the wedding, pictures and reception were perfect because she did an awesome job of interfacing with all parties involved to ensure that we would receive the very best service from them!


If you are in search of someone to assist you in planning your wedding or special event, your search has come to an end. Beth Harper will do whatever it takes to ensure that your special day is a wonderful, memorable experience!


Bonnie Terry, Dayton

Double Wedding Mom








Without Beth, my beautiful wedding would never have been possible.  Beth was so beyond helpful for planning my wedding. She took my dream wedding and made it into a reality. Honestly, without her help, I could not have ever had such a gorgeous wedding. I had so many compliments on her decorating! She made sure that I had my chandelier and lights hanging in my barn wedding and made sure that I got all that I could ever want at my wedding!   I would highly recommend her to any client!!


Thank you both so much for all the hard work you put into our wedding!  It was beautiful and more than I ever imagined!  It was great getting to know you and we are just so thankful!  


Kayla & Woody














Where do I start? Beth was extremely helpful when Heather and I were planning our wedding. Beth's knowledge, expertise, and connections were helpful when deciding where and what to do next. When we started planning for the big day, it was overwhelming with all of the options. It was also surprising how quickly the dollar signs add up when you say its for a wedding. I found that after we started using Beth, she was able to negotiate prices more efficiently than I could. I couldn't recommend someone better for planning your event. If your planning a wedding without her, your working harder than you have to!

 Chris K.


















Dear Beth,

Thank you for everything you did for both of us.  You were an amazing help.  We really appreciate everything you did to make our wedding day very special!


Michell & Jonathan








































susan + dennis


erin  + josh

       heather + chris


Beth & Alex,

Thank you so much for all of the hardwork and time you dedicated to making the Campaign Launch and Celebration a success!  It was such a pleasure to work with you and your team on and during the event!  



F. Reynolds, Campaign Associate, Children's Dayton


             stacey & nate






Dear Beth,

Thank you so very much for being such a big part of our special day!  Truly, we could not have done it without you. With your help we created amazing memories and had the wedding of our dreams.  We appreciate all the time, effort, love and support you gave us throughout this entire process.  A million thank you's is not enough.  X 0 <3.

All our love,

Nate & Stacey











Dear Beth,

Thank you for everything you did to help with our wedding.  We really appreciated everything.  We could not have done it without you!  


Love Erin & Josh

Dayton Children's

Donor Gala Event  


   autumn + mike


I met Beth last year when I started planning my August '16 wedding. We clicked right off the bat and I knew she was the lady for me. She introduced me to fantastic vendors and asked any decor issues/questions I had through the next year of planning. On my big day she was PERFECT. Her assistant (Alex) & her made my venues look flawless and my day stress-free (I actually had someone tell me I was the happiest bride they'd seen). I would recommend Beth & her team to any future bride who is looking to enjoy her special day and not worry about the details.




Beth & Alex,

This card will never be enough room for us to tell you how thankful we are for the both of you.  Without you ladies, our wedding wouldn't have been as awesome as it was. You guys ROCK!!



Will & Nicki










Throughout this wedding process, there are two days that I am especially grateful for.  One is the day that I convinced Nicki that we could not do this alone and the second is the day she found you to help us.You have made the unending planning so much smoother.  We are so happy with wverything you have done for us.  


Judy, Mother of the Bride



Thank you so much for all that you contributed to ensure our day was perfect.  We are so very fortunate to have you in our lives. We were so grateful to have you be a part of our big day!


Autumn & Mike









               angela & jim


nicki & will




Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the effort you put forth to ensure Stacey and Autumn's weddings were monster events!

Chris & Cheryl, parents of the brides


We just want to thank you again for all you did for our wedding. Everything looked so awesome!! Also, I had zero stress with you there. Thank you Beth so much for everything!


Angela & Jim

laura + brian





kayla   &   woody





Beth is an absolute DREAM! Being newly engaged in a new city I needed ALOT of help from start to finish. She was not only knowledgable and very connected in the city but also very experienced and (the name of the company says it all)- DETAIL oriented! People talk about how they would never have a big wedding again because of the stress but I say I definitely would- as long as I have Beth by my side! Beyond her knowledge and experience she is such a good person, ready to laugh or cry with you, listen to your worries and ease your concerns. Beth, I am so glad the stars aligned and we got to meet and work together- we will always be in touch!


Love, Laura & Brian

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